Merchandising features two segments: a war room that provides you with constantly updated access to your best sellers and a product-testing module that allows clear and concise consumer feedback to current products as well as those in the design phase.

Merchandising Stats

Merchandising Stats is a virtual war room of your top ten products in each category with additional analysis by store by market and by consumer profile (age, income, psychographic cluster, etc). Take immediate action to maximize the effectiveness of your merchandise mix and make performance enhancing adjustments accordingly.

Product Assortment

Product Assortment is an ongoing national survey of retailers that defines the assortments which are selling in terms of units and dollars. The price ranges for product categories are relatively well defined for each of the three Merchandising thrusts: Promotional, Middle and Upper/Premium. However, the Allocation of slots between the bottom price point and the top price point varies significantly because of the Economy and other competitive factors. Knowing the "sweet spot," or heart of the assortment is critical to success on the sales floor.

Product Categories

Product Categories is an ongoing national survey of retailers' sales breakdowns with Gross Margin by product category. Breakdowns are presented at the major and minor product category levels of detail. Information may be sorted by Retailer Volume and Merchandised Price Point.

Product Testing

Product Testing is a vehicle to test consumer feedback to products, both current and in the design phase with results presented in a clear and concise interpretation. While product testing will not design the product for the manufacturer, it can provide significant input to Merchandising for improving the performance of the product.

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