Our approach to Marketing is to establish databases, constantly updated, that provide an ongoing source of information for our subscribers. This information covers market research areas. It also designates indicators of current and potential strength of the market in terms of consumer presence and retailer presence.

This approach leads to more actionable results as the information is integrated into the company's planning process.

Retailer Database

Retailer Database is an up-to-date list of furniture retailers in the United States categorized by geographic market, price point, sales volume, and store type. Define qualified leads for your sales representatives to target for a measurable increase in sales and market share by territory.

Industry Model

Industry Model

Market Profile

Market Profile defines your market: its household profiles, overall furniture sales, traffic counts and furniture buying, all on a quarterly basis. Understand your consumer demographics and quantify the furniture purchasing activity in your market.

Market Share

Market Share is a measurement of your quarterly sales performance compared to industry sales in a defined geographic market. Know your market penetration each quarter with this metric.

Consumer Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation profiles your consumers by demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle and compares your customers to all potential consumers in your market. Know who you are selling and, more important, the consumer you should be selling, but are not, at your merchandising price points.

Retailer Effectiveness

Retailer Effectiveness examines how the consumer compares your store with the competition in the specific market(s) in which you operate. Understand how you compare to your competition based upon the consumer’s assessment of advertisements, of products offered, and of overall shopping experience.

Retail Benchmark

Retail Benchmark is a detailed analysis and evaluation of your product by the retailers who buy that product. Understand the critical issues perceived by your dealers and your competitive position in the market.

Quick Market Share Calculator

Quick Market Share Calculator calculates the overall market penetration you achieve each quarter in your market and your price point. Measure your performance on a quarter-to-quarter basis taking into account not only your sales, but how your sales compare to the total furniture sales in your market.

These tools are defined at left. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

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