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Outdoor Furniture - An Industry Report
Outdoor Furniture - An Industry Report
Item code F05012015_2015TO
Publisher Impact Consulting Services
Size 30 pages PDF
Price $750.00
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I. Intoduction

Our Methodology   2

The Consumer Profile of Participants   2

II. The Outdoor Consumer – A General Picture 

Demographics – Age, Income, Gender   3

Lifestyle Clusters   6

III. The Outdoor Consumer in More Detail

Reason for Purchase    8

Purchase Influencers   10

The Shopping Process   14

The Purchase   21

A Final Word    28


Outdoor Furniture’s genealogy may be seen as a multi-branched tree. Those who view it as “patio” products born in the backyards of our current society may be surprised to learn that ancient Egyptians in 3000 B.C. were the first to produce wicker baskets, chests, and chairs.  The banks of the Nile offered them a ready supply of grasses to be woven.  This may be seen as the beginnings of the Outdoor furniture category.  The construction passed from Egypt to the Romans who created furniture styles of their own using wicker.  As we move into the Middle Ages, we find stone, wood, and some brick being used as popular materials for this furniture category.  Functional camp stools were a popular product.   While often ornate in style, these furniture pieces could be folded up allowing portability and so this characteristic is a hallmark of today’s Outdoor furniture.  In America in 1903 Thomas Lee designed the Adirondack chair. Although there have been some changes to this design, it remains remarkably true to the original design and is largely seen as a symbol of America’s contribution to the Outdoor category.  

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