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Motion Furniture - An Industry Report
Motion Furniture - An Industry Report
Item code F09242013_2013TO
Publisher Impact Consulting Services
Size 35 pages pdf.
Price $250.00
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I.       Introduction

Our Methodology
The Consumer Profile of Participants
Lifestyle Clusters
Purchase Motivators                                                                    

II.     The Motion Consumer – A General View

General Influencers
Important Features/Brand Name
Style Preferences
Room Placements                                             

III.    The Motion Consumer – The Shopping Process

Length of Shopping Process
Challenges of Shopping
Add-ons and Warranty                                                               

IV.    Motion Furniture – An Overall View

Influence of Technology
Preference of Mechanism/Price of Power                                 

V.      Motion Furniture – By Product Categories

Leather Reclining Chair                                      


        Importance of 100% Leather

Leather Reclining Sofa                                                                 


        Importance of 100% Leather

Bonded Leather Reclining Chair Price Expectations
Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa Price Expectations
Fabric Reclining Chair Price Expectations
Fabric Reclining Sofa Price Expectations

A Final Word  



If you thought the motion chair was a relatively recent invention, you would be wrong.  It is said to have its roots in France.  Napoleon Bonaparte reportedly used one as a multipurpose reclining camp bed/chair/chaise lounge.   It could be folded away and carried in a leather case.  It was in such a bed that Napoleon died on May 5, 1821, on the island of St. Helena.  Based upon this information, Motion furniture has a “royal” pedigree. 

This report is the result of national survey conducted by Impact Consulting Services, Inc. in 2013.   The aim of this report is to compile, evaluate, and present the opinions of a group of recent Motion furniture purchasers in order to guide providers of home furnishings as they search for the best way to bring their products to the attention of the end-users. 

The goal of this report is to understand how the consumer perceives Motion furniture.  To this end Impact Consulting solicited the opinions of a geographically and demographically balanced field of consumers engaged in the motion furniture market.  All consumers had bought Motion furniture.  These purchasers were profiled according to various criteria; including age and income, gender, their lifestyle cluster, certain buying attitudes, and motivators that encourage them to purchase furniture. 

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