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Green Home Furnishings Study 2015
Green Home Furnishings Study 2015
Item code F030520153_2015TO
Publisher Impact Consulting Services
Size 40 pages PDF
Price $250.00
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Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. The Furniture Consumer Today

III. The Consumer's Attitude Towards Sustainability

IV. Sustainability in the Retail Setting

V. A Final Word



The exploration of sustainability is an examination of a concept that encompasses not only environmental issues, but also economic and social issues, including health and safety. Sustainability calls for embracing a lifestyle that focuses on the responsible use of the resources we have today in order to assure that future generations also have access to the resources they need. While it is viewed by some as a relatively new concept, the movement as we know it gained a firm foothold with the publication of Rachel Carson's “Silent Spring” 50 years ago. These days business leaders around the world are managing their "triple bottom line" for sustainability, keeping an eye not only on how their environmental foot print affects their profits, but also on how they are perceived in their communities, and on how the future of those communities might be impacted.

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