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Industry Reports is a digital library of market and industry research reports segmented by category (Furniture, Wood, Textiles) and geographic area (Worldwide, Asia & Australia, Europe, US & Canada, and Other Countries) for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. Whether analyzing import/export options, advertising channels, or launching a new product / line, do your homework using these catalogued reports.

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The FurnitureCore Reports Library is the world's largest Market Research Institute analyzing wood issues, global furniture, furnishings, textiles and lighting sectors. All important facts and statistical figures are at our fingertips. We provide market information and forecasts on furniture and wood production, consumption, distribution, import and export for all furniture segments – including household furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, upholstered furniture, bedroom and dining room furniture, outdoor furniture, Ready-to-Assemble furniture and lighting fixtures – and wood segments – including lumber, millwork, flooring, housing and building materials and wood panels.

We provide instant access to industry and market studies. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or a supplier to the industry, chances are you will find reports that cover the exact intelligence needs for your specific market and/or furniture category.

Featured Report

Outdoor Furniture - An Industry Report 2015

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