Advertising is your window to the user of your products. However, this becomes more complex as new methods of communication are developed. It is critical for you to develop targeted advertisements and deliver them via the most effective vehicles.

In order to accomplish this, you must be able to measure your advertising on a regular basis when compared to your competitors. These measurements are "drill downs" to the hard numbers and are your map to successful ad campaigns.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics are measurable performance statistics of your website with options for comparison to industry averages including similar profiled stores. Evaluate the performance of your online presence, track successes and target areas of improvement. Guidance may be supplied by our internet development team.

Broadcast Emails

Broadcast Emails are a convenient way to use the email addresses you've accumulated to touch base with your customers or launch your next advertising campaign. Communicate effectively with your target customers via a cost–effective channel that achieves measurable results. (Optional address supplementation from our active furniture buying customer database is available.)

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising pulls reports of internet traffic directed to the subscribing retailer from FurnitureFan as well as analytics of the customers' visits. FurnitureFan is the sole consumer portal in the home furnishings industry where customers can search for the product they want and find the dealers in their area who carry that product. Measure the performance of your online traffic and the effectiveness of your website in translating virtual traffic on your website to customers walking through the door.

Advertising Performance

Advertising Performance is an online analysis system for measuring performance of all advertising campaigns – across mediums – using customer traffic into your store as the measurement of success. Know which of your ads are working with reporting on statistically significant increases in your sales and traffic at the time of each advertisement. An optional sharing program facilitates the exchange of successful advertisements to benefit from the collective knowledge in planning your next advertising campaign.

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing is an online list resource allowing you to pull mail addresses and/or email addresses from your client database filtering by Zip code, Age, Income, Product bought and other measures for use in your targeted advertising campaigns.


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